Apple Watch

Apple has scheduled a March 9 Spring Forward Live Event to announce the brand new Apple Watch. It’s expected to raise the bar for wearables technology, with innovative sensors for health monitoring / fitness tracking, clever pairing with iPhone and programmable API leveraging iOS libraries.

Apple Swift programmers will be able to build 2 classes of apps for Apple Watch.

  1. WatchKit app is a user launchable app that appears on the Apple Watch home screen. A WatchKit app is the user’s main way of viewing and interacting with your data.
  2. Glance Interfaces. A focused interface that you use to display your app’s most important information. Glances do not scroll; the entire glance interface fits on a single screen. They are read-only view and by tapping launches your WatchKit app.

In addition, Apple Watch paired with iPhone will display local and remote notifications.
Apple Watch Actionable notifications display buttons to notification interfaces that reflect actions the user might take. For example, a notification for a meeting invite might include buttons to accept or reject the invitation. When your iOS app registers support for actionable notifications, Apple Watch automatically adds appropriate buttons to the notification interfaces on Apple Watch. Programmers code the actions by implementing iOS 8 WatchKit extension.