2015 Software Trends

With the start of the new year, here are my thoughts on software technology trends for 2015. In the coming weeks I will write insights on each trend in individual posts.

2015 Software Trends (in no particular order):

  1. APIs (API Economy ): Already popular in the consumer facing space, it will disrupt the established Enterprises, forcing significant software re-architecting.
  2. JavaScript: Now proving itself in server-side development (see Node.js) will become the dominant programming language.
  3. Node.js: Even-driven non-blocking scalable Platform, ready for take-off.
  4. MEAN Stack: MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, Node.js … JavaScript heaven.
  5. Apple Watch: Expected in spring 2015, will dominate the emerging wearables market.
  6. Swift Programming Language: Apple’s proprietary language together with the new iOS8 APIs will spearhead new generation of innovative mobile apps.
  7. Enterprise Mobile Apps: Perfect storm; new Enterprise APIs + iOS8/Swift/Xcode + Android 5.0/Android Studio = explosion of custom workforce mobile apps.
  8. Beacons: Business / venues will leverage new ways to communicate with customers / attendees in indoor environments.
  9. Containers: Think Docker…
  10. Reggae Music